We are Nandhaa Dairy Farms

Founded in 2015, Nandhaa Dairy Farms is Desi Cow dairy farm, which intend to produce & promote supply of Farm Fresh Pure a2 Milk from Indian indigenous cows (Desi Cow) known for its inherent high nourishment and medicinal values. If you like what we do, and think we could supply you better milk, then get in touch with us or drop us a mail.

We Assure you the best Quality & Service.


Nandhaa Dairy Farms has been in this business successfully for about four generations selling Milk from Indian Desi Cows as a family business, and now we are Re-establishing the same in a bigger way to reach more families and homes in India.


To provide the next generation of India with unadulterated and 100% Pure Indian Desi Cow Milk which contains n-number of medical values. The Mission of Nandhaa Dairy Farms is to Increase the number of Indian endangered Cows (Desi Cows) and in turn replace the existing exotic breeds such as Jersey, H F with Desi Cows. Thereby Providing Healthy A2 Milk pan India.