Nandha Dairy Farm was founded in 2015 with a vision to establish a pure breed Gir Cow (Bos inducus) Dairy farm in India with the sole purpose and goal to provide the next generation of India with unadulterated and 100% Pure Desi Cow Milk.
The Founders strongly believe that the Indian Gir cow milk is having more medicinal values which has been proven by many scientists.
Desi Cow Milk helps prevent various diseases in not only kids but all ages of people.
This farm is objectively linked to provide nutritious pure Gir cow milk using ancient practices of organic farming in combination with modern husbandry practices and breeding. The location of our farm is sufficiently away from the city area on the green fields of Vandavasi, 120 km away from Chennai in Tamil Nadu State of India.

It is a well-known fact that Pure, Natural and Unadulterated food combined with physical exercise leads to a healthy body. Having a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and consequently healthy thoughts, and with more people having a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy society.

As a first step in this direction, Nandha Farms intend to produce & promote supply of Farm Fresh Pure Desi A2 Milk and Milk Products from Indian indigenous cows ( Desi Cow Milk ) known for its inherent high nourishment and medicinal values. We also encourage and support the natural and organic farming for production of food unadulterated by pesticides or fertilizers, thereby to increase the soil fertility and to be in harmony with Mother Nature.

The founders believe the continuous breed improvement efforts through selective breeding will only conserve this breed to replace the exotic cross breed cows with Gir cows and replace the toxic milk with highly nutritious Desi a2 milk.

This unique approach will not only improve the population of Gir cows but will also furnish the need of healthy nutritious a2 milk for children and grown-ups. Besides organic milk this farm will also be a source for organic fertilizers in the form of Manure (Panchagavya) and urine (Gomutra) to grow and cultivate organic food.


100% Pure Desi Cow Milk
Nandhaa Milk is 100% Desi Cow’s Milk. We know because the Cows live in our own farms. No mixing of other milks. Just pure, clean, fresh Nandhaa Cow’s milk!
No Preservatives
Nandhaa Milk is exactly that. Pure, unadulterated, fresh clean a2 milk. We don’t inject our Cows with hormones to make them give us more milk. Our processing system is sealed so there’s no way anything unwanted can creep in.
Organic farm grown Fodder
The Fodder for our cows are grown in our own farm in an Organic method.
We own our Desi Cows
All Nandhaa Cows live in our own premises. We simply don't collect from anywhere else so we can vouch for our quality 100% - from the cow to the customer.
Udder-to-Home, Nandhaa Dairy farm ensures that Nandhaa milk is delivered in the best possible way directly from our farms to your homes and appropriate temperature is maintained to ensure the best taste of milk.
Healthy Happy Desi Cows
Nandhaa Cows are healthy happy Cows! They live in farms with 24 hour veterinary care that meets international standards.Only healthy and happy cows give healthy and hygienic Milk.
Animal Car Program
We strive to promote holistic health rooted in thriving on-farm ecosystems, by supporting natural cycles that nourish the People and Animals. With our focus on environmental health and nutrition to promote natural disease resistance, we find that animals in these systems tend to stay healthy, active and resilient. When they do get sick, we stress early intervention utilizing medical treatments that facilitate natural immune function, and can often restore health without the detrimental side effects associated with some conventional approaches.

The Value Chain

Farm Fresh Desi Cow Milk (a2 Milk) just Rs.99/- Litre Order now. Free Home delivery.

    *Reaching your homes from the month of August 2016